Define resume

A resume is a text in which personal details, as well as information about a person’s abilities and educational and work background, are listed on one or more pages that are submitted to the employer for employment and job placement and are evaluated by the company. Usually the resume should not be more than two pages, the brevity and usefulness of the resume are important things to consider.

The difference between a resume and a CV

The other equivalent of a resume is a CV, but with the difference that a CV is usually longer than a resume and includes all the details of your academic background, research and skills that have a comprehensive description of the resume and its use is usually for Students and university professors.


The number of CV pages is usually more than three pages, while in the case of a resume, only one page is suitable and no more than that is allowed.

In fact, a resume or CV represents you to the people of a particular organization and company, and if you have a professional resume with comprehensive information, you increase your chances of achieving great job opportunities.

Translate resume into English

Everyone has big dreams for their future career. Some have found employment in their home country, while others are pursuing their career dreams abroad.

Now, if you want to achieve your goals abroad and get a job elsewhere, you should have an attractive resume that has been professionally translated.

Every year, many students from all over the country need to translate their resumes to receive scholarships from foreign universities. In most cases, resumes are translated into English.

Translating a resume into English is as important as writing a resume itself, because if the translator fails to translate correctly, it will lead to misunderstanding or rejection of your resume, leaving you with harmful results.

Key points in writing and translating specialized resumes

Talk about the abilities and skills you need; It is very important to note that information that is not related to the position and job title should not be mentioned in the resume because it is not very attractive to the employer and the extra points will cause the employer to reject your resume.

Do not neglect the resume formats of the destination country; It is recommended to check the resume forms of any country you want and adjust your resume according to the usual format of that country. This is the best way to increase your attractiveness by that company or university.

Do not forget the help of experienced people in preparing a resume; A professional resume leads to a bright future because the right set up of your resume and accurate description of your abilities will put you in the right place in your life and have complete satisfaction with your job and business.

Strictly do not use machine translation; Machine translations often have gross errors that can greatly deter you from success, so translating a resume requires a professional translator to professionally trIt is essential that the resume be useful; It is better to act in a correct and comprehensive way and invoice from additional information. Don’t forget that according to statistics, every employee spends an average of 6 seconds reviewing your resume.

The importance of translating a resume

A resume is a professional way to show your competence and skills in a job. It even talks about your area of ​​expertise and knowledge for educational purposes, your resume or CV. Specialized translation of your resume will leave a good feeling in the mind of the employer. Also, translating your skills in your native language will show your abilities and capabilities professionally.

anslate your resume into the target language.

Specialized translation of resume due to the use of specialized words related to each field is one of the critical issues that the translator must have the necessary knowledge about the field and specialized terms.

The higher the level of translation, the better your chances of getting a scholarship and a student visa.

Translation of a work visa

To get the desired job, a resume is first sent to be evaluated by senior employers. In order to attract the employer, resumes must have a standard structure and shape. Specialized translation of the resume will increase your chances, so in translating the resume, the official culture of the destination country should be considered in order to bring the desired results for you.

Such an important issue should be done by an expert translator who has the necessary knowledge in this field to deliver quality work to the client.

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Translation of academic resume

In order to get high positions in foreign countries, translating a resume must be done professionally, which requires familiarity and observance of the principles of resume writing because all your educational experiences from the country of origin will be reviewed by assessment experts, thus a chance to confirm You will be increased by the responsible judges.

It is better to translate the resume professionally, so observing the principles of writing a standard resume is the most important principle of your success. If you are applying for or receiving a scholarship from a university abroad, a translated CV is usually required to begin the admission process.

In general, translating a resume is more to provide a summary of the skills and experiences gained by people in different academic courses.

Translating a simple and ordinary resume is not the same as translating a work and study resume. In fact, all skills, details of education, achievements, or valid academic courses are mentioned in the translation of resume and academic resume.

In what language is the resume translated?

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