famous translators

Since ancient times, the science of translation has been formed for the better communication of people with each other. Those who translate articles, books, etc.  must have high language skills, accuracy and concentration. St. Jerome was the first translator to translate religious texts such as the Bible, and he is honored each year for his work on World Translation Day, which falls on September 30th.

From the past to the present, famous translators have been working all over the world, whose services and translations have always helped the society at various levels.

In this section, we will introduce some of the world famous and old translators.

  • Jorge Luis Borges is a famous Argentine writer, poet and writer born in 1899. He grew up in a house with a library full of English books and read English books regularly. When he was only 9 years old, he became known as a translator for translating Oscar Wilde’s “The Lucky Prince”. He translated the masterpiece from English into Spanish. Some critics believe that Borges’s translations are particularly creative.

His other services include translating books by Virginia Woolf, Franz Kafka, Edgar Allan Poe, and Hermann Hesse. Borges passed away in 1986.

  • Constance Garnett was born in 1861 in England. Garnett was one of the first translators to translate works by Russian authors such as Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, and Chekhov. He has translated almost 71 literary works from Russian into English, but despite his unparalleled services in translation science, some say that Constance Garnett, out of personal desire or inability to understand the meaning of the phrases, omitted some sentences from the original text in translation. . He died in 1946.
  • Claudine Picardet (born 1735) was originally a meteorologist, miner and chemist who later became a translator. The translator has translated scholarly articles by Jean-Andre Mungs, Karl Wilhelm Schiele, Abraham Gottlob Werner, Thorburn Olof Bergman, Johann Karl Friedrich Meyer, Johann Friedrich Westerum, etc., usually from German, Italian, English, and Swedish into French. He was translating. He died in 1820 after many years of work, especially in the field of translation.
  • Margaret Taylor was born in the mid-sixteenth century, in 1540, when women could not translate texts other than religious works; She was the first English woman to translate a romantic work from Spanish into English. His words have had a great impact on achieving gender equality. Margaret Tyler died in 1590 at the age of 50.
  • Giuseppa Barba Piccola was born in 1702 and died in1740. In 1722 he translated the book “Principles of Philosophy” from Latin into Italian. This person has a key role in educating women and stated that he did not stop women from studying.



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